The earliest of the Fool Companies, called Les Enfants sans Souce,
originated toward the end of the fourteenth century...founded on
the splendid principle that the world was mad and all men fools...all members
wore the established fool's costume in pu
- Hiler Harzburg, Slapstick and Dumbbell


are we, fools? Freaks!
Jesters! In the street,
inoculating your life!
To celebrate your quirks and foibles,
holding up the crazy mirror,
parody our gentle weapon.

We're ancient, we're everywhere
We know all traditions. Our line
curveballs through history,
tripping over Shakespeare,

Thumbing our noses at them all
we're pushed to the front lines
- look out behind you!

Those fools

the dreamers, schemers - the lousy poets.
Seeking miracles in the ordinary,
absurd outbursts; daring
to worship at the Temple of Goofy.

So lead us poor sods out of suffering
with transformative laughter.

The Fool’s Society, Vancouver